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Comment from Europe

COMMENT From Europe: Message: have any connections with either Russia or Ukraine and do not care if Donbas and Crimea belong to Russia or any other nation. Europeans just want to go on with their lives in peace but now have to pay a high price for the sanctions. People are starting to question the […] read more

Apple VP Fired for a Joke

@itsdanielmac Quite the occupation this man has ✍️ #mercedesbenz #supercarstiktok #slr #car ♬ original sound – DANIEL MAC Apple’s VP of procurement, Tony Blevins, was fired for the video above. If anyone is familiar with Daniel Mac, his specialty is going up to people in expensive vehicles to inquire what they do for a living. […] read more

West’s Desperate Play for War – Blowing Up The Pipelines

The sabotage of the Nord Stream Pipelines was most likely accomplished with US intelligence. Not only is the Biden Administration intent on ending fossil fuels, but this was a strategic maneuver on how to wage war. Just as adversaries would counterfeit each other’s currencies in a desperate measure to undermine their economy to strip them […] read more


Every channel I turned to, did nothing but search out the worst possible scenes. Nowhere could I find any information about the roads in general. I finally asked someone at the hotel if there was any problem with I4. He said no. He drove it to work. Those of us on the West Coast were […] read more

Market Talk – September 30, 2022

ASIA:   India’s economy is forecast to grow by 7% this year, making it the 5th largest in the world, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said. India’s economy has overtaken the United Kingdom’s in terms of size, making it the fifth biggest. That’s according to the latest figures from the International Monetary Fund. India’s growth […] read more

Matteo Renzi Defends Rival Giorgia Meloni

The media is clearly in the wrong when politicians from the other end of the spectrum are coming out to condemn fake news. Former Italian PM Matteo Renzi (2014 to 2016) is putting his political views aside and defending newly-appointed PM Giorgia Meloni. Countless articles have compared her to Benito Mussolini, claiming she would bring […] read more

CBO: Student Loan Forgiveness will Cost $400B Over Next 30 Years

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is a nonpartisan agency that simply calculates the numbers. The Biden Administration is constantly at odds with the CBO as they repeatedly point out why handouts are never free. Biden’s pre-midterm bribe to cancel student debt will come with a huge price tag — $400 billion. Borrowers earning under $125,000 […] read more

Biden’s Brain is Deteriorating

President Joe Biden recently thanked Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) for her recent work. “Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie?” he asked. “She must not be here,” he continued. The problem is that Jackie is dead. She died in a car accident over the summer. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to cover up Biden’s […] read more

Hello from Florida & Fake News

Thank you for all the emails of concern. I am fine. My dog is fine. Never lost power and nothing damaged. All of the newscasters go to the worst possible spots they can find and just stay there showing the very same backdrop all the time. The problem with such sensational broadcasting is that the […] read more

Market Talk – September 29, 2022

ASIA: Singapore is now the seventh most innovative economy in the world, up one spot from its ranking in 2021. The rankings are in accordance with the Global Innovation Index 2022, a report released by the World Intellectual Property Organization (Wipo) and non-profit research firm Portulans Institute on Thursday. The report ranks 132 economies according […] read more